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All about Full-Frame Cameras

Many photographers are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest camera. The full-frame DSLR has been a favorite among many professionals. This article will discuss all these cameras and what they offer for your photography needs.

What are full-frame cameras?

First, let’s start with what a Full frame camera is. Full-frame cameras offer as large of an image sensor as the size limits you can find on any 35mm film SLR that was ever produced. These sensors are roughly 36 x 24 millimeters in size and thus require much larger individual pixels than those found on APS-C or other sized sensors.

This means that a full-frame sensor can capture a larger amount of detail in an image when compared to other cameras.

What are the advantages?

Here, the advantage is simple; you get more depth and detail in your images. If this is important to you, these cameras should be considered over their smaller counterparts. They may add additional weight, but they will pay off with better performance down the line if this is what interests you most about photography.


All in all, a full-frame is a powerful tool for photographers. Its large sensor and detailed images can offer great results for those looking to capture the best possible photos.

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