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Girl Poses: 3 Proven Tips For Great Images

Have you ever asked your friend to take a few pictures of you in your new outfit and you ended up disliking each of the photos? You may not have a skilled photographer for the shoot or find it frustrating to pose for pictures. When it comes to posing for pictures, confidence is key. If your girl model is comfortable, their uniqueness and personality will show. The portraits created will look natural and stunning.

Pose ideas.

  • a) Standing.

It is awkward for someone to stand with nothing to lean on. Instead,use your hands to do something interesting.You can try the following girl poses:

  • Hands in pockets or back pockets.
  • To get a beautiful silhouette, you should stand with your feet crossed.
  • Holding the hips with one hand, the other hand resting on the thighs, and one foot slightly in front of the other.
  • Hold something like a scarf or hat.
  • One foot is slightly forward than the other, the heels lifted, and your weight rested on the back foot.
  • b) Sitting.

If you want casual poses, seating provides lots of opportunities. Try the following poses:

  • One knee is up with arms wrapped around it while sitting upright.
  • Both knees are up, with both arms wrapped around them.
  • c) Leaning.

If you need your girl model to feel relaxed during the photoshoot, ask them to learn to achieve that. If she seems a little nervous when you start the photoshoot, you can ask her to lean on the wall. They may sit or stand while leaning against the wall. To get powerful photos, you can try the following:

  • Standwhile leaning against the wall. One knee is bent while the foot is resting on the wall.
  • Lean on the wall with their head facing you.
  • Sit against the wall with one knee up while an elbow rests on it.
  • d) Walking.

Try the following poses:

  • Walking away from the photographer then looking back.
  • Running away, they used their hands to reachout to the photographer.
  • Walking toward the photographer while running her hands over wildflowers.

Lifestyle photography.

Soft light is the best to use for lifestyle photography. It can be limiting since you have to look for shade. You can also learn photography online to understand how to use hard light with conditions like full sun or golden light to create creative photos.

Tips for great lifestyle photography.

1)    Directing.

You tell your subject what to do. After positioning your subject according to the light, give them an activity to do, then take the shot.

2)    Light.

The hour before sunset and sunrise is known as the golden hour. If this light is behind your subject, it will be framed with stunning golden light.

3)    Storytelling.

Capture wide shots and details that will add up and give your lifestyle photography context. Vary your composition and frame your images creatively after you set up the scene and ensure the light is right.


To take great images,the confidence of your model is key. When comfortable, you will be able to show their personality and uniqueness. Your girl model can try different poses while standing, leaning, walking, or sitting. Lifestyle photography is all about telling a story, directing, and lighting.  You may use soft light or hard light depending on the lifestyle images you want to create.


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