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How to Get into Wedding Photography

So, you are wondering what a career as a wedding photographer might look like? What kind of training do you need? Is it difficult, time consuming, stressful? How much can you expect to earn and finally, how do you get clients?

What kind of training or experience should you have? Although a degree in photography may not be necessary to get into the photography business, there are skills and experience you’ll need, and the list of skills and experience gets longer if you’re looking to start your own photography business.

1.      You’ll need a professional camera and other equipment that can produce professional quality photos in all kinds of lightings and settings. You will need access to software that allows you to upload and edit your photography as well as somewhere to produce deliverables, such as digital and hard copies, and anything else you’ll be offering to your clients.

2.      You’ll need plenty of experience with your equipment, software, and a plenty of training in how to capture your subjects in professional quality and style. You’ll want to prepare to handle a photo shoot in as many different places as possible, indoor, outdoor, various types of lighting and weather, etc.

3.      If you’re going to start a business, you’ll need to be prepared to take on the challenge of everything from building a website, getting an online presence, marketing and/or networking, and in general just understanding how to run a business.  You can start your research by viewing the websites of other photographers like wedding photography Eagle Mountain Utah.

How difficult is the career and what to expect?

1.      All professions have their fair share of challenges and wedding photography isn’t any different. You’ll need to be flexible, good with people, organized, and be able to take charge at photo shoots. All this needs to happen during what can be a chaotic and stressful time for your clients so be prepared to be professional so your clients can be at ease with you.

2.      Being a wedding photographer can be time consuming at times, especially on the wedding day, and post wedding when you’re organizing and preparing everything you’ll be delivering to your client. How much time is involved will also depend on how many events you’re scheduled to work at.

3.      Wedding photography can be stressful, just like most careers, but being prepared, organized, and pre-planning for every contingency is a great way to keep things running as smooth as possible. If you don’t do well working with stressed out people, then you might run into problems with brides and their families who can be quite demanding and particular about what they want. Setting clear and reasonable expectations beforehand will help you avoid problems as much as possible.

How much do wedding photographers make and how can you get clients?

1.      Earnings for wedding photographers make can vary a lot. Will you be working for someone else? Will you be running your own business? Are you catering to smaller clients or big productions? If you start working under another business, they should be able to give you an idea of how many clients you can expect and what the price range and your share will be. Photographers can charge anywhere from a few hundred dollars per shoot (on the very low end) and up into the thousands for bigger weddings. How much you get paid will also depend on your marketing, portfolio, and access to higher paying clients.

2.      If you decide to start your own business, you’ll need to have a marketing plan that will help you obtain a steady stream of new business. Most photographers do this through networking and online or traditional marketing. Start by doing some research into what other photographers in your area are doing and which of them seem to be most successful.

There will be other things to consider as you determine if wedding photography is the right fit for you, but the information provided above is a great summary to get you started. Best of luck!

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