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How to Organize a Floral-Themed Wedding – Enthral Your Guests Using Flowers

Weddings are a huge extravaganza. Couples make sure everything is perfect on their wedding day. They plan every aspect of their wedding meticulously. The wedding decor is a noticeable attraction of the wedding day. It sets the entire mood of the day and awes the guests right away. Gaudy decorations tamper the aesthetic appeal.

Floral-themed weddings:

Lately couples are showing interest in using flowers for wedding decor. They want their favourite flowers to rule the event and work the rest of the wedding theme based on the flower colour. Flowers are a safe bet when it comes to decor. There are several ways to incorporate flowers into a wedding. If you are opting for a floral theme, install a flower wall as the focal point.

Benefits of installing flower walls:

  • The perfect backdrop: It serves as an ideal backdrop for the wedding ceremony. Exchange your wedding vows in front of a lush floral backdrop.
  • Highlighting feature: We can use floral walls to highlight the cake-cutting area, to display escort cards, behind the dessert spread etc.
  • Photo booth: After the wedding ceremony, the floral wall can be used a selfie station for guests – beautiful photos guaranteed.
  • Disguise flaws: If you are turned off by any particular aspect of your venue like a fireplace, you can use flower to elevate the aesthetics.

If you are looking flower walls for rent check out Blossomania. They are the top choice for floral themed wedding decor in the UK and feature life-like flowers at affordable prices. Visit their website and have a look at their decor elements available for rent. Contact their team and discuss your customisation needs.

There are an overwhelming number of choices available for floral walls be it more of greenery, pastel tones, bright pinks or bold burgundy. Customise it as per your liking using your favourite flowers. For floral-themed weddings there are several other ways to incorporating flowers.

Other floral decor elements:

  • Invitation: Use the colour of your favourite flowers on the invitation or an embossed silhouette of the flower.
  • Arch: An arch made of the couple’s favourite flowers can be installed at the entrance or at the place of wedding ceremony.
  • Wreaths: Consider installing 8-foot floral wreaths, which serves as a statement piece and doubles up as a photo booth for guests.
  • Charger plates: Rent charger plates with floral designs for a more luxurious vibe to the dining area.
  • Floral chairs: Add flowers to the chairs of guests. Rent a single piece chair adorned with flowers for a dramatic effect.
  • Edible flowers: Use edible flowers for garnishing the food, appetizer tray or cake. You could also freeze edible petals into ice cubs to be used in the bar.
  • Garden of candles: Create a lush garden of candles. Arrange candles at varying heights along with ivy and few flowers between the candles.

The design ideas for floral wedding decorations are endless. Put together a beautiful wedding using these floral design ideas.

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