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Oil Painting Framing Singapore Tips

Oil paints and framing Singapore services have been present for years, long before individuals managed to generate glass in big sizes and quantities that could cover the canvas. To comprehend how to frame oil paintings, we need to take into consideration the attributes of oil paintings themselves. Oil, unlike polymer of watercolour, does not dry with water vaporizing from it yet rather via oxidation. While a finished oil painting might feel completely dry to the touch and potentially be safe to grip after a few weeks, it will not be totally dry for decades. The denser the sheet of oil paint on canvas, the more probable it may split, as the paint is still looked at as unstable.

Choosing a frame

The choices in framing an oil paint are limitless. Aspects to take into consideration are once again to note what the prevalent colours are and how a framework can complement the general make-up of the artwork. Nonetheless, this all comes down to individual taste. Oil paintings enable even more adaptability in choosing bulkier wooden frames, yet should likewise stick to what the paint evokes, its ‘weight’, and the location that it will be placed in.

There are arguments that glass should not be utilized in the framing of oil paints as it might trap moisture behind it. In its worst-case situation, oil paintings behind glass could lead to its canvas deteriorating if the paint cannot ‘breathe’ due to not being adequately dry.

Respect the significance of the art

Whilst it is essential to connect your photo frame in with space where you plan to hang it, you also desire the photo to be improved by the framework – not over or underwhelmed by it. Great framing will attract the eye to an item without distracting from it, typically playing on the tones or structures within the photo or speaking to the age that it stands for.

It’s important to speak with your framer concerning why you are framing the piece and what impact you want it to have in the room, so that they can aid you to reach an equilibrium between what the painting needs and what will suit your room.

Don’t be Afraid to be Unusual

A conventional frame may not match all works so don’t be afraid to attempt something unusual. Occasionally, a framework may not also be required if you determine to go bare and present your painting unframed, on a tabletop against the wall surface.

There are no must follow guidelines in framework, yet the most effective frame (and even no frame at all) is basically the one that puts your art work in the limelight!

Consider the price as well

It is not unusual for new clients to be surprised by the price of custom framing. We urge you to look into the potential costs of framing a photo before choosing to buy an artwork, specifically when the piece is of some significant value. To frame something effectively, in such a way that it is safeguarded and preserved well in to the future frequently winds up being an investment in itself.

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