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Tips For Solo Travel Photography

Solo traveling is healing for the mind and calming for the soul. It brings a person closer to their inner-self and rejuvenates mind and body. However, everything they have to accomplish needs to be done by themselves, alone. Hence gearing up before venturing ahead into it is necessary. Like many other tasks, travel photography has to be handled solo. Getting street smart about photography while being on a solo trip can come in handy.

Tips for solo travel photography

It is not always convenient for solo travelers to depend on a stranger’s photography skills. Asking other people to take pictures is unwelcoming more than usual. Also, the biggest challenge is to find the perfect spot when it is crowded. Here are a few tips for solo travelers that can help them nail the Instagram game.

Tripod Is The New BFF

When traveling solo, a tripod is the best friend that needs to be carried, literally everywhere. Tripods are an excellent fix for capturing full-body poses, a great backdrop or even keeping other people coming in the way of the shot. In addition, different angles can be explored without putting oneself into troublesome arm flexes. Another vital addition to the family is a selfie stick, especially if vlogging is a significant part of solo traveling.

Invest In Remote Shutter

This one hits like a light bulb moment. Investing in a remote shutter can save a person from the constant dwindling between the camera and the spot. A remote shutter is a device that acts as a finger to click the shutter button to take a picture. The best part is that most shutter buttons give a two-second delay before capturing the image. Many pro solo photographers use this delay to hide away the remote from being too apparent in the picture.

Use Self-timer More Often

Another way to capture pictures ideally is to use a self-timer. A self-timer works similarly to a remote shutter. The only difference is that the remote shutter gives more flexibility to take multiple captures at once. An essential aspect of nailing travel photography is to be aware of one’s best profiles, angles, and poses. This proves critical when a perfect shot doesn’t come out the best due to a not-so-perfect pose or profile.

Use Grid Lines

A significant rule in photography, in general, is the rule of thirds. As per the rule, the subject should be a bit off of the center. The gridlines option in the camera makes it convenient to follow this rule. The grid lines divide the screen into nine sections. The subject should be placed at the intersection of these lines rather than being in the blocks’ center.

Leverage Lighting- Golden Hour And Blue Hour

The magic of natural lighting is the best for eye-capturing pictures. Golden hour is the time before the sunset, and blue hour is the hour before sunrise. These special hours of lighting give travel photography their classic golden and blue hues that make any picture a masterwork.


Solo travelers experience things differently than people traveling in groups or with family/friends. Strangers often offer solo travelers help for pictures. Yet, getting the best shots needs more than a helping hand.

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