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How to Digitize Photos with Minimal Loss of Quality

Everyone has boxes of old films and photos sitting in the basement gathering dust, yet people rarely go down to take a trip down memory lane by looking at pictures. Firstly, that’s too much effort, and secondly, photos from the past degrade over time, developing stains, losing color, etc. However, you don’t have to go through so much hassle only to look at worn-out images. How, you ask? We have two words for you, digitize photos.

Why Digitizing Photos Is A Good Option?

If you choose to digitize photos, you can preserve your memories for years to come and give everyone access to your memory vault so that everyone can flick through old photos whenever they want. On top of that, when people digitize photos, they save so much space in the house because they can get rid of the boxes in the basement. Moreover, they get to edit bad-quality images for better resolution and quality. Simply put, transferring printed pictures to digital ones is an excellent way to enjoy old times.

But that begs the question of how you do it? There are many ways to digitize photos, like using a scanner or hiring a photo digitizing service. To help you choose the best approach, here is a detailed description of each.

Using a Scanner

Like with documents, you can make printed pictures digital by running them through a scanner. This method significantly saves picture quality. However, it still falls short of the class you get from a photo digitizing service.

Nonetheless, scanning is a decent option to preserve old photos. You can do so with a regular scanner to digitize your pictures or invest in a specialized photo scanner. As the name suggests, a picture scanner is meant to convert print files to digital. But it can be quite an expensive investment. That said, spending a hefty sum of money on scanning equipment will give you a lifetime of ease as you will be able to turn prints digital whenever you want.

Using a Phone Camera

This method is the cheapest of all, but it does compromise picture quality. To change your print photos into digital files using a phone, you need to use its camera to take pictures of your old photographs.

But you must have a flat surface to place the prints; otherwise, the clicks you take will come out crooked. Additionally, you need to be careful of the light and glare to save the picture quality as much as possible. Although doing so will not give you high resolution like a photo scanning service would, it may make the digital images slightly better.

Using a Phone Scanner

Another way to digitize pictures is using a phone scanner. Many modern-day smartphones come with scanning apps that you can use to convert printed images to digital files. However, generally, those applications do not produce high-definition pictures.

In the world of digitizing docs and pics, achieving high resolution for digitizing photos is not easy. Professionals are typically the best at doing that. So, you might want to look up a ‘digitize photos service near me to find a professional team to make your print files digital.

Photo Digitizing Service

As the title pretty much gives away, a photo digitizing service is a crew of experts that turns old print files digital, using various equipment.

Clients contact the folks at a photo digitizing agency to get their services. However, for some, that would mean lugging the boxes of old pictures to the enterprise’s studio, which can be rather inconvenient. If you believe you will also have an issue carrying printed photos to the photo digitizing service you choose, you can look for someone who offers pickup and delivery too.

Many credible and top-grade agencies give customers the option to ask for shipment services as well. You can find such an agency by looking up a digitize photos service near me online and fishing through the results. You can also ask for recommendations either online or from your friends and family. A good suggestion can often lead you to the right brand, so don’t discount the power of asking others for a name!

Looking For the Best Photo Digitizing Service?

Well, you have come to the right place! We at Smooth Photo Scanning have some of the most skilled digitizing personnel who know the craft inside out. They have the experience to determine how a print will turn out online and how they can make it better.

So what are you waiting for, now? Reach out to us at Smooth Photo Scanning and have all your old photos turn digital to enjoy them for the rest of your life. And the best part of hiring us is that you will not have to compromise on the image quality because we give our clients exceedingly high picture resolution. Don’t take our word for it, and go through the testimonials on our website to see for yourself!

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