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Tips to Be a Good Wedding Photographer

Like any other profession, becoming a wedding photographer takes skill. You want to provide an experience to your clients that they’ll remember for a lifetime. Think of your clients’ needs and find the best way to execute their vision.

Build Your Photography Experience

It’s great to get a Bachelor’s in photography, but it’s even better to have real-world experience. Becoming a wedding photographer in Portland requires many skills. One of the best ways to develop your photography proficiency is to become a photography assistant at a wedding.

Maybe you can learn how to set up shots, learn what camera equipment to use, and become a second photographer for the wedding. The more weddings you attend, the more you understand what will work best for the event.

Also, you can take classes online to learn how to edit photos using software, such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Don’t be afraid to go to photography conventions and conferences. You’ll learn from experts and get to network with people who may offer you a job.

Once you start building a solid foundation in photography and understand the logistics of weddings, you’ll start doing more yourself.

Get to Know the Couple

Ask them about their favorite foods, movies, and colors. You might throw things in there, like a wedding shot inspired by a movie they enjoy. Maybe you can take a picture of the bride slicing the wedding cake.

When you get to know the couple, it makes both sides more comfortable. Also, it can keep you more creative in how you approach your shots because you have a general idea of their personalities. Not to mention, you can tell them what you do and ways you can capture their wedding.

You can see more of the emotional connection to bring out better photos.

Understand Your Equipment

If you plan to take group photos, you’ll need a tripod to help you capture a full-body shot from a distance. Also, you might want to time things better when you’re on different surfaces for a stable photo. Multiple lenses come in handy when shooting various places in the venue.

Have a backup camera if you run into issues with your primary one. Use a camera bag to carry and protect all of your supplies.

Have all your tools ready to make things more professional job. Give your clients what they want and still pull off some creative and professional photos.

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