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What to Consider before Photographing Products for e-Commerce?

You already have an idea about how to photograph quality products is fundamental to your e-commerce, isn’t it? If you still want to go deeper into the subject of product photography China and shoot better than your competitor, see the tips below:

  1. Understand the importance of photography for e-commerce

The growth of the digital market means that the content created by brands has to be increasingly attractive. This is not just about texts: images should be used as a differentiator for your brand.

Remember that in the digital universe, the quality of product photography is what gives credibility to consumers. As trust is the key to success in e-commerce, good photography can be an important means of leveraging your online sales.

  1. Think about the product concept

Before photographing a product, you should think about its concept. That is, imagine the composition that will be around the product in that image. To get inspired, you can search for images of similar products on the internet and see which photo most catches your eye.

A tip for those who work with sales is to take pictures of products in real situations, that is, close to items that will accompany you on a daily basis. In addition, opting for human models rather than mannequins can help to provide a more real image.

  1. Use colors as an attraction strategy

The colors have the power to create sensations who watches them. If you want to convey an idea of ​​harmony in your photos, you should use different colors than if you wanted to convey the idea of ​​haste and tension.

Normally, it is recommended to use the white background for photography of products for e-commerce. But, if you have a well-grounded concept, you can change the background color to achieve your goal. Another strategy is to use complementary objects with colors that are aligned with your proposal.

  1. Make lighting your ally

Light camera action! Did you notice that light is the first element in this famous phrase? That’s because it can be your greatest ally, but it can also end your day. In a studio, the light is easier to control, since it is possible to use features such as reflectors and extra lamps.

However, if used well, natural light can offer brilliant results. If you are going to photograph outdoors, take care to create a soft shadow on the subject, which will spread in a subtle way.

  1. Play with the angles

In order for the client to have a more realistic impression of the object, it is important to shoot from different angles. You should seek the best perspective of the object so that the consumer can form the image in three dimensions in his mind. The photo must show the size, shape and design of your product.

A good technique to give an idea about the dimension of the item is to include in the photo something that has already known measurements – this is especially true for ornaments, toys and other objects that do not follow a size standard. The more information the customer has about the product, the more satisfied he will be.

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